Just Sold – Condo in South Surrey, White Rock

An extraordinary congratulations to my seller AN on the recording breaking sale of her beautiful 2 bed 2 bath condo located in South Surrey White Rock! Her home was kept in immaculate condition and partly renovated which was very much appreciated by everyone viewing the unit.  Many groups were amazed once they entered the residence and commented on how it felt like the atmosphere produced a “spa-like” relaxing feeling, which a home should feel like.  In the end, we generated over 50 confirmed appointments over the weekend and over 2,000 views online plus social media paid targeting amongst other aggressive marketing strategies.  This resulted in receiving 11 strong offers and recording not only the highest sale in the building but selling OVER $100K above asking price!  This sale set a NEW benchmark in the entire Grandview Surrey area SHATTERING previous sales in the region.

My seller was shocked and in awe when I presented all the offers to her and felt like the entire experience was a “dream.”  If you wanted to experience A+ success with real estate and be closer to reaching your goals, feel free to contact me!

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