Just Sold – Detached home in Cloverdale, Surrey

Congratulations to my client NJ on the purchase of this excellent investment property and adding to diversify his real estate portfolio.  With over 7,000 sq ft lot, each level having 3 beds, 1 bath, and a kitchen while being minutes away from transit, cash flow is imminent while the home appreciates in a convenient location over time!

Glad to be able to negotiate and win over multiple offers and obtain way LOWER than list price in this hot seller’s market.  Kudos to the listing party, whom I had the pleasure and opportunity to work with and coordinating the installation of brand new carpets and fresh paint throughout included in the purchase.

Thanks again to my client for trusting me in this process and patiently waiting for the right opportunity to capitalize on the purchase of this fantastic home!

Patience, persistence, and dedication were key to the successful sale of this home.

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